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Do you have a rendering job that requires a professional finish? Matar Rendering & Painting is the company for you. We offer complete rendering services in Sydney. With years of experience, we can meet your needs to perfection. We use quality material, and our tradesman is highly equipped to deliver the best service from start to finish.

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Why is it Necessary to Render Walls?

  • Prevents damp-caused damages

    Water will seep in through the brick wall and into the building resulting in water damage, which will then become costly to fix. Applying a layer of render to the outer part of the building’s wall creates a barrier that blocks the passage of water and prevents damp-caused damages.

  • Weatherproofing

    When you apply a protective coating to the walls of your home, it prevents water from seeping. Rendering is also a great way to stop penetrating damp.

  • Insulation

    You can enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the year, as it helps with low-cost energy bills.

  • External Styling

    Without a doubt, one of the main reasons why property owners prefer to have a rendering done on their building is to improve its look. A render coat layer can immediately brighten up weathered walls and give a new look to your house. If your property is not selling at its market value due to weathering over the years of exposure, adding a layer of render will transform your property’s look.

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At Matar Rendering, we have years of experience working in the rendering industry.
Within that, we have worked with many clients in the Sydney area in the following sectors:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Render Services

  • Render Removal

    Render as well as strip wall to bricks and apply a new render. We have years of experience in rendering & painting. In most cases, we can match the existing render and apply patch fixes to the existing render. This is while the existing coating render is not too old or badly weathered.

  • External Insulated Render

    Did you know, over 30% of a building’s energy is lost through its external walls and that in most cases, a cement solution will not give the complete energy efficiency your building needs? To optimise your building’s energy efficiency performance, we recommend that you use external insulated renders to cover the building walls, increase its terminal efficiency, and optimise internal temperature all year round to reduce how much you spend on utilities well as your carbon footprint.

  • Patch Repairs To Render

    Crumbling, cracked or patchy render on your house or commercial premises has a negative impact on the integrity and market value of your property. Matar Rendering & Painting can repair cracked, crumbling or patchy render using materials that match your existing texture and the colour of your existing render. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free estimate for repairs.

  • Rendering Repairs

    At Matar rendering, we take into consideration all aspects of the exterior from the full rendering of an entire property to the repairs of an existing render surface. With over 20 years in the building industry, we have proven our dedication and commitment to delivering high standard finishes using the best rendering materials possible. Our exterior rendering repair service is delivered by our highly skilled and very experienced tradies who have been trained to deliver professional services at all times.

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Our Render Systems

  • Acrylic Render

    The acrylic render comes in pre-mixed tubs of acrylic resin. When it is laid, it creates a stained and water-resistant surface. Acrylic render is the cheapest render solution (in terms of materials and labour costs) and delivers an astonishingly beautiful look.
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  • Coloured Render System

    Coloured render is a mix-and-match batch of render, pre-coloured during the manufacturing stage. This type of render can be applied using a spray, which reduces the amount of scaffolding needed and labour costs. Through coloured renders are especially great because they do not require painting and provide long-term protection on any surface they are laid on. Using through-coloured renders produces a stunning pebble dashed finish that perfectly contrasts the render colour against the spar colour.
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  • Traditional Cement Render

    Cement renders are stronger than lime render, making them one of the most durable types of rendering currently available. Cement renders are sealed or painted to provide extra support to a building when applied. Cement renders also prevent the penetration of damp or water through exterior walls.
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  • Lime Render

    Lime render gives old houses a natural-looking finish that doesn’t alter the original look of the building. Traditional lime render also is more forgiving and flexible than modern cement (cement render should never be applied or used on old solid wall units).
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Below you will find answers to common questions that might be handy when reaching us:

A pressure washer is great for washing concrete and stone, but pressure washing for render not recommended. When you pressure wash a rendered surface, it causes chips on the surface of the wall.

We do not recommend this. Existing renders typically finished with a paint or thin coat, a weak interface not suitable for laying a fresh render coat. Besides, accumulated dirt on the render for a soft intermediate would stop the newly applied render from bonding properly.

Yes. Although it requires extra maintenance, rendering can immediately transform your property. Investing $10,000 in rendering your house will increase your property’s value, but the primary reason for entering properties to improve its look. A coat of render on a weathered wall can brighten it up and give the entire home a new look.

Damp can occur as a result of rainwater leaking through the cracks on a brick wall. This phenomenon is called penetrating damp and is usually much harder to treat. Rendering the external walls is a great way to fix it, but the wall will have to be dried out first.

You would think there would be a simple answer of yes or no, but a few steps are required to ascertain if you require council approval to render your home.

It’s good to speak with a few of the local councils. To mention a few guidelines: “for minor external and non-structural alterations”, “the guidelines in the State Environment Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008” or “the NSW Planning & Infrastructure Exempt and Complying Development (which outlines and aims to ‘streamline approvals for low impact development, like renovating or building a home’)”, are the best to follow.
•   SEPP – http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/inforcepdf/2008-572.pdf?id=6041d1ad-eb39-45a7-f7a2-9e3acb4f2f73
•   NSW Planning & Infrastructure – http://www.planning.nsw.gov.au/en-us/buildinginnsw/exemptandcomplyingdevelopment.aspx

However, take note you will need to meet provisions in part 1 and 2 of the SEPP document to be exempt from council approval. If you are still unsure if you are exempt, the local councils recommend contacting an independent expert that would be able to direct you further.

There are also a few things to consider, and this is mainly onsite matters, i.e. access, scaffolding and noise restrictions – which all may need some level of approval from the council. A simple phone call to your local council will clear up any questions you may have.

Even the slightest crack in the building’s render can let water penetrate and become trapped between the brick wall and the render. If this stagnant moisture builds up, it will eventually soak through the brickwork or masonry and lead to penetrating the internal wall’s dampness. The cracks should patch fixed immediately.

Your wall’s longevity will depend on the smoothness of the job and if the renderer had cleaned the wall adequately before the render coat applied. With the more popular cement-based renders, your walls’ lifespan will be shorter as the render will be more susceptible to cracking and shrinkage. On the bright side, cracking will typically only occur anywhere from 7 to 15 years.

The traditional cement render is layers of two coats:
The first coat is usually about 9.5mm thick (or thicker for older walls) and often contain a waterproof additive. While it is wet, the layer is scratched to provide a supportive surface for the second (floating) coat.

The significant difference between the two is where the coat applies. Rendering is the coating of a building’s exterior walls, while plastering is the coating of a building’s interior walls. The material used for Renders and plasters is the same building materials – lime gypsum, water, sand, and cement.

Sunlight, water, wind, and other weather elements can cause a wall to crumble in time. When rendering is added to the walls and with a paint coat, it makes the wall more durable and robust. Also, adding a layer of render on your walls increases its thermal efficiency.

Rendering in the context of renovation or building construction is the application of cement to the internal or external concrete or brick walls of a building to produce a smooth or textured surface. Rendering, also known as cement rendering or solid plastering, is typically carried out by qualified plasterers. Depending on your preferred style, your house’s walls are rendered to look coarse, smooth, textured, coloured, natural, painted or pigmented.

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MATAR Rendering & Painting is ready to take on any scale Cement Rendering and Internal & External Painting all around Sydney.
We only use the highest quality material that we’ve thoroughly sourced here in Sydney and only perform with suppliers whose supplies fulfil our superior specifications. We wish to establish a new Rendering & Painting job; you will adore and revel in applying For several years to come.  Our guarantee also features a 7-year assurance, so you know you happen to be obtaining superior-excellent product and quality.

Information about Sydney

The gravity dam was constructed as a mass concrete structure with a maximum height of 19 metres (62 ft) and length of 250 metres (820 ft) in Manly one of the suburbs of Sydney.

Matar Rendering & Painting is a dependable Construction company that is available across Sydney as well as Manly and Manlyvale of Northern Sydney, Mosman, Frenches Forest, Brookvale, Balgowlah and Freshwater.

Less dense regions within Greater Sydney include Pymble and St Ives, Belrose, East Killara, Gordon, and Turramurra.

In addition, Sydney includes suburbs and townlets of Asquith, North Wahroonga, Hornsby Heights, Westleigh, and Thornleigh.

Including the City of Sydney (CBD), regions such as The Rocks, Potts Point, Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, and Town hall are located here.

First-class educational centres such as the University of Sydney and The University of Sydney Business School are within Sydney, Australia.

You will find top-quality educational establishments such as Charles Darwin University and Australian Harbour International College in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House, Hyde Park of Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, is one of the most tourist attractions of Sydney.

Pitt Street Mall, St Mary’s Cathedral, and Barangaroo Reserve in Sydney can be enjoyed by people regardless of their ages.

The Westlink M7 is a 40km toll road connecting Sydney’s north and west.

NorthConnex provides a direct connection between the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga and the Hills M2 Motorway at West Pennant Hills in Sydney.

Sydney, Parramatta has an opulent heritage Buildings, which one of them is Old Government House, Convict-built 19th-century governors’ residence, now housing a collection of colonial furniture.

There are numerous significant sites to visit in Sydney, such as Opera House, Darling Harbour, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Sydney Observatory, and The Rocks Market.

Sydney’s central business centres are Christie Offices and Conference Centre Sydney CBD, Macquarie Place, Alliance Business Centres.

The City of Sydney is home to many businesses, including John Holland, NSW Business Chamber.

The main shopping centre for Sydney is Westfield Sydney.

Our office in Sydney, Matar Rendering & Painting provides reputable Rendering services.

In addition to the expert services provided by Matar Rendering & Painting, our Builders are based in Sydney, and they offer services such as kitchen & bathroom renovations, extensions, commercial renovations, basements, groundworks, loft conversions, refurbishments, and specialist construction.

At our organisation in Sydney, Matar Rendering & Painting provides these services Kitchen & Bathroom renovations, residential construction, and structural works.

Sydney Opera House, located in the bay of Sydney Harbour, is a performing arts centre which since it opened in 1973 has come to be seen as a masterpiece of modern architecture and a symbol of Australia.

About 80% of Sydney’s water comes from Warragamba Dam. Sydney Desalination Plant at Kurnell is also supplying water to Sydney’s water network in a reduced capacity.

The Sydney Town Hall in Sydney Renowned for its high Victorian interiors and luxurious decoration, and is the most massive and most ornate late 19th-century civic building in Australia.

You can contact our welcoming office in Sydney at Matar Rendering & Painting for Rendering services within Sydney in Greater Sydney.

Motorists in Sydney save up to 15 minutes by using NorthConnex, improving the efficient movement of freight in Sydney.

The Rendering service regions of Matar Rendering & Painting’s include Sydney northern beaches regions like Beacon Hill, Curl Curl, Dee Why, and Narrabeen.

Sydney City accommodates Government Offices such as Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, Australian Taxation Office, NSW Government, NSW Ombudsman, and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

In addition to Suburbs of Sydney such as Concord, and Strathfield, Matar Rendering & Painting’s Rendering service region includes Sydney CBD areas.

Sydney includes more areas like Homebush, Ryde, Burwood, Haberfield, Drummoyne, Balmain, and Annandale which are covered by our highly skilled tradies at Matar Rendering & Painting.

Our Rendering services at Matar Rendering & Painting are helpful to customers in Sydney as well as Kensington, Zetland, Randwick, Coogee, and Maroubra.

Matar Rendering & Painting in Sydney, Australia also covers Botany, Hillsdale, Matraville, Waterloo, and Brighton-Le-Sands as part of its service region.

Windsor, Marsden Park, Riverstone, Richmond, and Castlereagh are some of the suburbs outside Sydney in Australia.